What I Talk About When I Talk About Running - Haruki Murakami


I have given up the sugar and my attitude is one of the shite variety. I will spare you my company until further notice. In the mean time, perhaps a nice book group?

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. By Haruki Murakami

Please discuss.

Love (with consistent vague, punctuated by acute, irritability), 
Sara Elise


  1. I love you sara - hope you feel better soon -- drink some fruit juice! xoxoxo

  2. Try the "Honey Mints" in bulk, but freeze them first. Frozen, they taste like junior mints to me!

    XO, ECD

  3. i too, found this book a boring and disappointing read following all of murakami's rad, rad novels [i'm obssessed with norwegian wood.] i agree with your astute call that murakami is uncomfortable lauding himself & his runs/triathalons/etc. and i agree that it's cultural. if i had not read any of his fiction and first started w. the running memoir, i would feel unsettled by the simultaneous distance of his voice and intimacy of his experiences aging, smoking, gaining weight, etc. while continuing to run & train. it's like he's sharing but leaving something out. a crucial je ne sais quoi. [from sandra t.]